Monday, January 13, 2014

Online/App Chore Chart

Our warm fuzzy jars worked great for rewarding good behavior but didn't really give us any structure and organization when it comes to chores.  Especially since my kids are getting older now and can handle a daily chore chart.  I came across this wonderful app on my iPhone called MY JOB CHART.
One of the great advantages of using the online program is that it automatically updates everyday.  Sometimes that was the downfall of other charts that I've tried at home. Mom Malfunction!!! I would forget to update or get a new sheet or count points and start over.  This program will do all of that for you.  Not to mention the fact that you can personalize chores for each child and days of the week and you can assign points to be allotted for jobs done.  The jobs can be divided into daytime and night time jobs too.

The kids just login and then check off their assigned, by you, chores when they are complete.  Then when they complete the chores they are given points and then they can choose how to spend their points.  You get to pick the rewards that they choose from and I usually let the kids help me pick too that way they are more motivated to do their chores.  Then they organize their points and can either save, share, or spend.  What a great way to teach money management skills too!!!

It can also be a way to let the kids learn responsibility and less yelling.  If they don't do it they don't get the points and if I have to do it then I don't have the energy or time to do other things for them.  So if they asked, "Can you do ____  for me?"  you could reply, “I'm really tired so I can't because I had to do your chores.”  Also you could assign an even worse chore, like DOG POOP, on the job chart and until the do it mom is out of business. :)

My kiddos love earning points and using electronics for their chore chart and this one had all the features that I wanted.

* Morning, Evening, and Extra’s Checklists
* Customizable
* Daily update...They do not have to uncheck it to check them again the next day
* Tracks all the points they Earned for Each job they check off
* I get to pick what rewards are Available to them
* They get to pick what rewards they want and how they spend their points
* The App let’s me know which rewards they spent their points on and when I redeem the reward for them I check it done...SO I do not forget to redeem!

The app is available on iPhone and android devices and you can use it on your desktop or laptop as well. So if you are interested in using this chore chart those are a few of the ways that you can use it.   You can reach the program online here at  If you are searching on your app store search "my job chart."

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