Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Don't Like My Hair

My three year old daughter has the cutest curly red hair! She tells me, "I don't like Curly Hair." She's three and she already doesn't like something about herself and it really bothers me, I want my girls to love themselves how God made them.  So I'm not going to fret I'm going to come up with a solution. 

1.)  Naturally I started simple.  When I did her hair I'd say things like, "I love your curly Hair, it's so pretty!" Others are always giving her compliments on her hair too.  Well, it turns out kids don't always think what others do. :)

2.)  I tried getting her a "special spray."  It's a curling gel spray.  She has other sisters so I tried to make this special for her.  I told her it was just hers and no one else could use it.  Oh she loved that.  Something that her sisters didn't get to do, that was awesome.  For like three days then she was letting everyone use it because she didn't want to use it.  Awe that made me very sad it really did make her curls very defined and like ringlets all over.  She didn't like it.  Sigh!

3.)  As I was thinking about the problem it accured to me that everytime someone asked, "Where does she get that curly Hair?" I reply, "From her dad but he doesn't like it so we cut it when it starts to curl."  Oh crap!!! What was I thinking.  Surrrre...her dad doesn't like curly hair so why should she.  So I had to do operation... "Fix that Mistake."  So I had my husband talk to her about his hair and why he keeps it cut and that he likes his hair. Then He got out his old photo album and showed her his curly hair.  She really liked that.  You might too...
Awe soooo cute!!!  But it didn't really solve the problem....I still got, "I don't like curly hair."

4.)  I was visiting with my mom about it and she said that she saw this video with a Sesame Street Puppet singing "I Love My Hair!"  So we looked up the video I Love My Hair (click her for the link to watch the video for yourself).  It is a really good video it even made me like my hair a bit better. :)  So we decided to make our own video about loving our Hair.  (The first thing she sang was I hate curly hair but it wasn't aloud after that. :)  Here goes...

After all this she said she liked her hair.  I was feeling quite satisfied.

5.) .....the next morning after all that, I love curly hair buisiness, guess what she says...."I don't like curly hair."  AHHHHHH!!!!  I'd had it.  I was really mad.  Grantid it wasn't the right approach but I'm not really known for wearing my emotions lightly and we had done so much and I felt like how else was I going to get her to like her hair.  So I was not quite and I just went on and on about how I wished she liked her hair and how upset I was that she didn't because I loved her the way she was and that I really wanted her too.  Dad saved her from my ranting and took her aside and explained to her that I was really just very sad that she didn't like her hair and talked to her very nice and sweet.
She came over to me and said, "I like my hair mom."  I almost cried.

*Update:  She has days where she likes it and days where she doesn't, but I guess that's all of us. She tells people out in public, "you have curly hair like me." She even said that I had curly hair like her I didn't have the heart to tell her the truth. "Do you like your curly hair mommy?" "Yes I do!":)


  1. It is the cutest hair! So it that toddler pic of your husband! Hope you have a happy Halloween!

  2. Yes it is, he wasn't too happy with me posting it. :) Hope you Halloween is great too!

  3. You are such a fun and cute mom! Your kids are lucky to have you...and your hubby too.