Saturday, September 1, 2012

Everything Around the Kitchen Sink

So I catch myself the other day complaining about the junk (i.e. soap, scraper and brushes) around the sink. "I hate this crap always falling into my sink." When I'm trying to do the dishes...plunk...when I'm trying to wash my hands...plop...when I'm trying to look out the window and enjoy the outdoors...splank!!! Okay so you get the point. So then why do I just keep letting it happen?!? ERRRG!! Well not anymore!

Game plan:

I live in an extremely small town, to my standard anyway, about 1100 people. There are not many places to go and shop I have to make do.

1.) Trip to Hometown and go shopping!!!

I do really love to shop unfortunately my budget and town of slumber does not always permit this activity.

2.) Go to Thrift Stores, Garage sales, and Antique stores searching for unique and interesting items for storage.

3.) Enjoy it!!! (And I did.)

I met up with my best friend from High School and we hit the streets in search of the perfect things for my kitchen. Here is what I found: that really neat clay basin for all of my plunk, plop, and splank items around my sink. I found it at this really neat antique store "Retro" (Casper, WY) for $10; great find!!! Everything fits nice and neatly just inside no more crashing into the sink when I am doing dishes... Plus it is easily accessible for when I need to use the so called crap. Which really are essential items that I need for sink activities. Plus it looks much cleaner. Oh man, that dish rag around the middle console, my husband hates that!! Well maybe that's a dilemma for another day. I know that the old metal sink and faucets are but that will just have to wait I can complain about that a little longer. J/k I can look forward to the change in the future!

I also have to point out the gorgeous pitcher that I found at Ross for $8; unique and a fun pop of color. Another kitchen item that I found at "Retro" on my hunt for goodies is this awesome
napkin holder for...dang it I can't remember how much...Cheap! :)

Anyone else have this problem with their kitchen Sink?  What were your solutions?


  1. Thank you Lindsey! Just what I needed for inspiration. I, too, get annoyed with all the clutter, but would like to incorporate some originality rather than the same old kitchen accessory holders. Great finds!

    1. Oh great I'm glad to help! I'd love to hear what you find...keep me posted!

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