Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mommy and Me Workout

Working out with a small one or two year old hanging around the house, what a pain in the rear.  We all know the importance of staying in shape and working out everyday, but then there comes the part where we actually have to do it.  "My kids keep getting in my way, AHHHHHH!" Drive me bonkers.  I think I worked out for 30 min. but I only got about a 10 min. workout in.  And talk about trying to do it when your husband is home, ya right, even if he is home you know who the kids are going to bug, not him.  And if you try to leave well that's hit and miss especially at my house when schedules get changed regularly and we live in a small town with a small gym without daycare, it's pretty difficult to get that workout in especially in these cold winter months.  Also, as a working or schooling mom sometimes we just don't want to leave our kids again so we can go workout.  So I love to do Pilate's and I love to dance.  Every time I get down on the floor to do something a sweet child would lay down on my lap or pull on my leg or....the list goes on and on..... My Mission is to work out at home, enjoy it, and stay in shape:


Rule #1: Involve your kids!  The only way to beat them is to join them. 

Rule #2: Start the timer and do not stop moving for at least 30 Minutes.  I do both strengthening and Cardio.

I would tell myself that I could not stop moving/dancing for 30 minutes. This really helped to have a time frame to shoot for. It gave me a stopping point and helped the kids.

Rule #3: Turn on some Music.  Turn on music your kids like and then turn on some you like, Remember to take turns! :)

Rule #4: Dance (for at least 15-20 min.)

Here are some ideas:
  • Use all your body parts i.e. How can I move just my head....hands....legs.....finger....etc.
  • Think up adjectives to dance like and move like them and have the kids come up with some ideas of their own i.e. sticky, slimy, round, big, small....Etc. You could even print out a page of them from online: I found one on Moms who Think. And then just point to one on the page and see if you can move like it.
  • Find some fun verbs to dance like.  i.e. Jumping, skipping, hoping...  I even printed out some clip art of actions and showed the pictures to the kids and see what kind of fun moves they can come up with that go with the photo.
  • Feel the music and show your kids your goofy side. Nobody else is watching anyway. :)  Even use the words of the songs to come up with silly moves.
  • Use an aerobic video you like and adapt it for you and your kids to do together.  Or even a mom and me video to give you some more ideas if your not confident in the creating area.
  • *******You must dance with your kids or it doesn't help you*******
  • Let the kids have fun with the music and let them teach you.  My kids have come up with some really fun things like the "Run and Scare" (we run around each other and then just turn around randomly and scare each other) the kids just have fun being with you and enjoying you.  Or my older kids like the "Freeze dance" were you have to stop moving when the music stops.
  • The kids might start to get bored and then you can pull out your favorite Zumba, Kick Boxing, Insanity, Kettle bell video or even Dance Revolution or Wii Fit and work harder at the end of your workout.
Once the kids have had some attention and something active to do a lot of times they'll stay out of your hair for a bit so you can get some good stuff done. 
  • I have a box of things that my kids can do all by themselves.  If they are done moving with me, then I tell them they have to do something on their own until the timer goes off.  Their choice is to move and workout with me or to do something from their box on their own.  I will not stop my workout to help with other things during that time (except the potty) otherwise I don't ever get my workout done and I need it, they need it, it is for the good of the universe.  Okay maybe just my universe but a universe anyhow.
Rule #5: Stretch and Strengthen (10-20 min)
  • I got a exercise ball, kids love these things and they are great for you too.  Sit on the ball with your "baby" on your lap then bounce several times and then stand up (holding the baby of course or she might end up on the floor), and repeat.
  • Lay them on their back and then roll them back and forth a bit. Then say it's my turn.  This also helps kids learn sharing and communication skills.  Then do it on your tummies.
  • Make sure you have a wall or couch to steady your feet.  Then lay on your back on the ball, place your child sitting on your lap and as you come up to do a crunch you say "Boo" or "Peek a Boo" whatever you like.  Young ones really like this and you get your abs strengthened all in one.  You could even do this on the floor doing crunches or other ab strengthening exercises.
  • More ball activities...On this website, Work Out Work Up Inc.
  • Everyone knows good old fashioned strengthening activities from Gym class i.e. push up, crunches, jumping jacks, try some of these the kids have fun trying to do them, especially the stretching, use some simple ones that you already know and show the kids how to do them, or just let them have fun trying them.  They just want to do what you are doing and that is a great way to get your kids excited about exercise.
  • I love the good old fashioned airplane.  Lay on your back, stick your kid on your feet (Tummy down) and stick them up to the ceiling and ride them around if this isn't a workout I don't know what is. Your legs are working and then pull your head up from your abs not your neck and you will work those abs too.  They'll want to do this one over and over again.
  • Do some squats while holding your child in front of you and going up and down at your knees.
  • My kids loved it when I just bounced around to the music and held them.  They loved that feeling and it gave my arms a work out not to mention some more Cardio.  Don't forget to switch arms.
  • Try some Pilate's...I have about 10 of my favorite Pilate's moves and I can do them very fast and they keep my core strong and my pains at bay.  Here is a blog with a photo of some of my favorites.  You may also want to find a good video on how to do these exercises.  These you would want to save for when the kids got bored, and deserted you. You can put strain on your back if you don't do them correctly so be careful, listen to your body, and when you feel pain you need to change.
There are many many possibilities, the point is to workout for at least 30 min. involve your kids when they are around and interested. And Enjoy your kiddos.

I lost all my baby weight after my second baby by doing this workout at least 5 days a week.  And I would go for maybe two 20 minute walks a week.  I also had to eat a bit less from when I was pregnant.  "Oh food, I have a love hate relationship with you."  Anyway, How did you loose your baby weight?  What kinds of activity do you do with your kids at home?  Are there any ideas that you could add to this work out?  Remember it's never the same each time you do it, just don't stop moving!