Sunday, December 8, 2013

Top 16 Gift Ideas and Recipes Using Essential Oils

I love the Holidays and I love making people happy with gifts and goodies so I have put together a list of links of some of my favorite ideas:
1.) Peppermint Patties!  I love her blog everything I've made off of her blog is really good!

2.)  5 Gift ideas from Doterra blog including the easy Bath Salts and sugar scrub

3.)  Dryer Balls with a bottle of oils (For dryer sheets)

6.)  Roller Bottles..You could make up a group of your favorite oils into roller bottles and 
tie a ribbon around them with some oils info.  When I fill the bottles I fill with a 1-1 ratio 
essential oil to Carrier oil (Fractionated Coconut oil) for adults and a 1-2 ratio essential oil 
to carrier oil for kids.  This is such an easy way for kids to put on their oils.
This is where I buy my bottles great site...

7.)  Room Spray or Monster Spray!  Room spray is a great replacement for air freshener 
that is non-toxic.  Also Monster Spray is pretty much the same thing only I use Lavender for 
my scent and it is the perfect remedy for monsters at night. I even let my kids spray it to put 
them in control of getting rid of the monsters.  Not only do they think it gets rid of monsters it is
full of lavender which will help them calm down and sleep.

....There were many more recipe's for them when I searched bath bombs under Google. 
......Also as a tip: you can substitute Citric acid (which can be hard to find) for half the
amount of Cream of Tartar.

...This is only one of the many recipes when I was searching.
The main idea that I got was equal parts of coconut oil and a butter i.e. like Cocoa or Shea
and then and a little bit of fractionated coconut oil to combine and some of your favorite 
essential oilfor scent and then freeze and package.

11.)  Hot cocoa recipe and popcorn... doTerra Holiday Magazine recipe ideas and prices for 
holiday oils and specials.

12.)  GingerBread Men....I just added oils in place of spices i.e. Cinnamon oil, Ginger oil, and Clove oil and add it into the wet ingredients instead of the dry...This dough seemed really dry when we were rolling them out but we rolled them out pretty thick and didn't over bake and they turned out really nice and chewy yummy!

13.)  Cranberry Chutney...This was really good what a great dip for any holiday party!

14.)  Cheesecake swirl Peppermint Brownie's....I just added a drop of peppermint to the brownie 
mix you could do this with your favorite brownie recipe to give it some holiday flare.  It makes an easy 
classic into something for the holidays and an easy yet yummy filler for those Holiday Cookie Plates.  Also 
try adding a bottle of oils to the top of your plates with a ribbon or a cookies cutter or an ornament.  
Always a nice Touch!

16.)  Fruit Dip and other Yummy and Easy Food and oil recipes The Fruit Dip with Wild Orange is delicious.

....She also has some great spa product recipes and other ideas so search her blog for more ideas!

***When cooking with essential oils make sure you are using food grade oils such as doTERRA!****

You can buy doTERRA product here on my website. 

Happy Holiday's and fun gift and treat making!!!
Helpful links for Essentail Oils info:

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